Ordered by priority but implementation order may differ

Below have no priority or order in which they will be added

  • Allow To Change Logo Link
  • Synchronized Scrolling
  • Allow To Create New Topic From "post" In Same/different Category
  • More Templates
  • Announcements
  • Show Latest Post While Showing Topics
  • Allow image alignment in editor
  • Massive scalability using memcached, Redis
  • Cut Message For Notifications For Long Messages
  • Login should redirect to previous page
  • admin email not updated in global settings
  • Events. Refer:

Plugin based

  • recent topics, similar topics, online members plugin
  • Add polling feature
  • Vote up and down feature
  • provide option to enable captcha
  • share post/ topic
  • related topics list

Codoforum v.3.3

[release date: 5-June-2015]

  • Improved spam filter
  • Fixed warnings
  • Fixed all search bugs
  • Fixed breadcrumb problem at near 800px width
  • Fixed mobile menu
  • Fixed menu links
  • Fixed custom pages scrollbar
  • Fixed custom pages permissions
  • Fixed page link bug for posts
  • Mention edit problem fixed
  • Added mass mail feature
  • User approve before registration feature
  • Sticky topics feature
  • New topic text changed to * icon

Codoforum v.3.2

[release date: 9-March-2015]

  • Color using bbcode bug fixed
  • Added plugin api backward compatibility
  • Allow dashes in username
  • Fixed last login time for new users
  • Added option to create new topic when no posts are present in recent posts
  • Improved hook system
  • Avatar bug fixed
  • Show category permission added
  • Go to topic page on creation instead of category
  • Mark all as read click bug fixed
  • Spam filter based on machine learning

Codoforum v.3.1

[release date: 5-February-2015]

  • Remove /forum from url
  • Fix notify bugs
  • Move topics
  • Permission issue fixes

Codoforum v.3.0

[release date: 1-January-2015]

  • Fixed many PHP Notices/Warnings
  • Added slide in menu for mobiles
  • Profile edit bug fixed
  • When post is deleted the recent by is not updated [BUG] ** [fixed]
  • Avatar upload preview ratio not correct [fixed]
  • openssl_random_pseudo_bytes error when openssl extension is disabled [fixed]
  • quote button conflict with auto save [fixed]
  • quote button sometimes does not take you to next line [fixed]
  • removed .htaccess
  • Last login never updated fixed.
  • Import bugs fixed
  • Compression reenabled
  • XSS vulnerabilities fixed
  • Attachment bug fixed
  • User avatar bug fixed
  • Tags bug fixed
  • Permission system
  • Role manager

Codoforum v.2.6

[release date: 24-November-2014]

  • Added Cron log
  • Made notification avatar paths relative
  • SSO bug fixed
  • mail_notify bugs
  • Converted smiley urls to relative
  • Excerpt issue fixed
  • Add user bug fixed
  • codoPM messenger
  • Editor content hide bug fixed
  • "Mark all as read" width overflow bug fixed.
  • Arbitrary file download fixed
  • User register bug fixed
  • Image infinite bug fixed
  • User change password bug fixed
  • SESSION fixation fixed
  • CSRF improved
  • notification avatar paths fixed

Codoforum v.2.5

[release date: 14-November-2014]

  • One click update
  • server-side rendering for initial view HTML
  • Deferred loading of JS files
  • Added defer option to Asset Manager
  • Calculate reading time of topics
  • noindex, follow for users, tags page
  • Improved excerpt generator
  • Changed urls from forum/* to $1
  • Editor resize zIndex fixed
  • Decreased number of requests
  • Improved fonts for better reading by dividing into title, desc and numeric
  • Added Open Sans woff file for firefox, IE support
  • Added fallback for fonts and added all fonts to colors.less
  • User edit bug fixed
  • Fixed server errors due to changes in Apache 2.4
  • Created Icons of category and avatar images for optimized delivery
  • Disabled cron and notification requests for guests
  • Corrected tree structure of nested categories
  • Changed category routes from /topics/name to /category/name
  • Hierarchical breadcrumbs
  • Image with links markdown conflicts with oembed fixed
  • Major UI rewrite
  • SEO improvements
  • Mobile full-width layout
  • Handlebars templating server-side
  • Removed duplicate templates, methods and API
  • Nested sub-categories bug fixed
  • Responsive breadcrumbs using dropdown
  • Pagination bug fixed
  • Show display name instead of username
  • Topic title entities bug fixed
  • Create sqlite db if not exists
  • Followers are not removed when notification level is decreased
  • SQLite query compatibility
  • PHP warnings fixed
  • Fixed XSS issue with HTML in signatures
  • Made SQL_CALC_ROWS compatible with non-mysql drivers
  • Mail bug fixed

Codoforum v.2.4

[release date: 14-October-2014]

  • Notification level only for logged in
  • Topic user avatar not shown in subscriptions
  • OG and Schema meta added
  • Canonical rel added
  • Widget content bg css fixed
  • link rel and prev added for pagination
  • article:published_time, article:modified_time added to meta
  • 3rd topic creation in category bug fixed
  • Auto subscribe only on first reply to topic
  • Make <code> fixed height to prevent long codes to take unnecessary space
  • Notification user preferences fixed
  • Removed unnecessary css classes
  • Printable pages with @media print
  • Editor textarea fast load
  • Reply/new topic autosave drafts
  • Oembed img .jpg?x=y do not work since they do not end with ext [fixed]
  • Added oembed thumbnails
  • Improved oembed caching
  • Made sidebar statistics responsive
  • Generate first letter image from name for default profile pic
  • FB, Twitter, G+ login issues
  • Fixed width containers for HD screens
  • Tags layout issues fixed
  • Topic page route fixed
  • Prevent duplicate notification when multiple tabs are open
  • meta description added
  • Improved fonts
  • Profile view bug fixed

Codoforum v.2.3

[release date: 28-September-2014]

  • topic on search bugs [duplicate edit, delete icons & 404 image] fixed
  • User class & import bugs
  • updated post_notify plugin -> mail_notify plugin V2.0 [optimized queries]
  • updated code highlighter in editor
  • Added support for tables
  • Updated Bootstrap to V3.2
  • menu bar with user profile improved
  • parse problem due to multiple code tags
  • Updated markdown parser
  • tags div empty bug fixed
  • fixed lags in mobile
  • pseudo real time notifications
  • desktop notifications
  • subscriptions and notifications
  • menu link block
  • digest mail
  • @mentions
  • Allow SVG
  • optimum w & h for avatar
  • on load highlight bug after reply/edit
  • installation improved
  • user api - preferences

Codoforum v.2.2

[release date: 05-September-2014]

  • rename head.php to header.php in install to fix usr/lib/php conflict
  • sso token security fix
  • User class rewrite
  • on load last post bg color bug fixed
  • enhanced bbcode , support added for
    strike, move, sup, sub, pre, center, left, right, list(ul & ol)
  • Oembed Support
  • bbcode parser added to importer
  • image uploaded without text not added to character count
  • topic title link should take you to last read post
  • added interface and improved importer
  • option to add smiley in backend
  • added option to add inline css/js using Stream & Collection classes
  • css styles improvements
  • made category images full size

Codoforum v.2.1

[release date: 17-August-2014]

  • Tagging feature
  • child theme support
  • image resize for profile pics
  • admin theme revamped
  • New plugin type: block
  • Design Custom blocks

Codoforum v.2.0

[release date: 29-July-2014]

  • Improved Hook system
  • User edits not saved bug fixed
  • Added Block system for plugins
  • Fixed update of read_time in unread message tracking
  • Private messaging system plugin - codoPM
  • XSS injections fixed
  • user edit backend
  • Recent posts made by user
  • Rewrite cache relative to absolute urls
  • Globalized cache directory
  • Minify js & css
  • Compile less in server lessphp
  • Back to top button
  • post notification message post url fixed
  • improved mobile compatibility
  • backend installer & upgrader
  • importer default values bug fixed
  • message formatting bug fixed
  • show latest post while showing topics
  • Improved backend
  • Improved installer
  • Added Laravel framework components - Schema & Eloquent
  • Removed triggers
  • Count consistency updater added
  • New battledark theme
  • Added new blocks in templates

Codoforum v.1.5

[release date: 23-June-2014]

  • Importer inconsistencies fixed
  • Queries optimized to give 5x performance
  • New topic button style improved
  • unread message system
  • post notification message format fixed
  • plugin list system
  • plugin admin api

Codoforum v.1.4

[release date: 13-June-2014]

  • Add unverified role for unverified users [no permission to post by default]
  • Added option in backend to confirm users
  • Fixed edit user bug
  • user banning by name/ip/email
  • poor man's cron
  • improved admin menu
  • admin login security fix

Codoforum v.1.3

[release date: 3-June-2014]

  • Recursive count total topics from sub categories
  • Added importer for SMF 2 and Kunena 3
  • Improved importer performance by 100 times

Codoforum v.1.2

[release date: 31-May-2014]

  • search feature
  • titles change with page
  • added notification error class
  • added notification for user login error
  • added notification for mail error
  • SSO for joomla
  • add super powerful favicon[frontend and backend]
  • increment profile views bug fixed
  • make the editor responsive
  • change password
  • forgot password feature
  • added meta generator

Codoforum v.1.1

[release date: 15-May-2014]

  • SSO
  • Social sign in feature
  • breadcrumbs
  • builder
  • importer for drupal
  • Removed base tag -> solution
    • During editing replace with absolute urls .
    • When saving make it relative then during output prepend again to make absolute depending on domain path.

Codoforum v.1.0

[release date: 15-Feb-2014]

  • skeleton framework
  • all basic features

Codoforum is being maintained and developed, by Codologic.

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