Codoforum is a free forum software package built with PHP and MySQL. It is designed to be

Beautiful & Simple
CF has a fresh UI which is simple, clean and impressive.
The interface is designed for ease of use and speed.

Codoforum's code is architectured to have very little overhead and to be as efficient as possible.
(Every release is Stress tested on a tiny 64MB VPS)

Feature rich
Everything that is required by a modern forum is present. (Live notifications, markdown Support, syntax highlighting, support for embedding images, videos, tweets and other rich content)

We Care About The User Experience

Go ahead, ask yourself the following questions,

What emotional response would people have to my forum?
What are their goals once they are on this specific category/topic?”
In what context will they use this feature? At work? At home? On a TV from 10 feet away?
Have they used a similar interface before?

The User Interface:
What will they be doing when they want to start doing X?
How will they discover this feature?
What will they want to do after?
How frequently will the user do X?
What if X fails to complete properly?

Engineering the UX:

How would you make the navigation simpler and easier?
How would you organize content to make it easier to find?
How would you convert a visitor who reads the posts to a user who participates?
How would you engage a user who doesn't visit your forum anymore?

These were the questions we asked ourselves before we built this forum and Codoforum is a result of all these questions, we believe as the forum develops further, the answer to those tough UX and UI related questions will be solved.

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