How to import from another forum

To import from your old forum, you have to simply login to the backend and select the "Import" option at the very bottom.

Note: When you import, codoforum will delete all your existing categories, posts and users (except for the admin user)

Entering import details

database name
Name of the database from where you will be importing the forum.

username to access the above database

password to access the above database

database host
Usually it is localhost

table prefix
If your old cms/forum is using any prefix for the tables, then that prefix will come here .

max rows per request
Codoforum does not fetch all the data from the forum to be imported at once due to memory restrictions . So you can specify the limit of the maximum number of rows that are imported in one request . Usually 500 is an optimum value , but if your server is giving an error try reducing this number

Which cms or forum system are you importing from ?

You need to enter the email address of the administrator account of the cms / forum system that you are importing from .

Now click on Import button and wait for the importing process to complete .
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