Codoforum has many configurable options that allow you to get your forum working just the way you want. Some of the basic options can be set in the Forum Settings part of the Administration panel.

Configuration options specific to your Codoforum installation are stored in the sites/default/constants.php and sites/default/config.php file. The installer will create this file and fill out your database information, forum title, and other essential values.

Friendly URLs

To enable Friendly URLs, your webserver has to rewrite URLs to index.php. If you're using Apache and mod_rewrite is enabled, the Codoforum installer will automatically create a .htaccess file for you. If you're using another webserver, you'll need to manually configure URL rewriting.


<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
  Options +FollowSymlinks
  Options +Indexes
  RewriteEngine on

  # if your app is in a subfolder
  # RewriteBase /my_app/ 

  # test string is a valid files
  RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-f
  # test string is a valid directory
  RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-d

  RewriteRule ^(.*)$   index.php?uri=/$1    [NC,L,QSA]
  # with QSA flag (query string append),
  # forces the rewrite engine to append a query string part of the
  # substitution string to the existing string, instead of replacing it.


server {
    location / {

        try_files $uri $uri/ @rewrite;
    location @rewrite {
        rewrite ^/(.*)$ /index.php?uri=$1&$args;

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