Codoforum v.3.2 released

Adesh D' Silva on the 09 Mar 2015 in update

We are very happy to announce the release of a new version of Codoforum.

Many of the bugs that were found in V3.1 have been fixed and some interesting new features are added in this release.

One of the most important feature in this new release is our smart spam filter which is based on machine learning.

When deleting a topic, you will find a new option that allows you to mark the topic as spam. Whenever a topic is marked as spam, codoforum will scan the topic content and keep a count of the scanned words.
So, when a similar post is made in the future, it won't be publicly viewable, but will be sent for moderation.

We have also added the permission 'view category' in Codoforum V3.2 This new permission allows you to set which user groups/roles can view a particular category in the category list.

There have been many design changes with some improvements to the interface.

The hook system has been modified and has been made more extendable for use by plugins.


  • Color using bbcode bug fixed
  • Added plugin api backward compatibility
  • Allow dashes in username
  • Fixed last login time for new users
  • Added option to create new topic when no posts are present in recent posts
  • Improved hook system
  • Avatar bug fixed
  • Show category permission added
  • Go to topic page on creation instead of category
  • Mark all as read click bug fixed
  • Spam filter based on machine learning

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