Codoforum v.2.5 released

Adesh D' Silva on the 14 Nov 2014 in update

Its been almost a month since our last release.
With immense joy, we announce the release of new version of our forum Codoforum V2.5

Our primary focus for this release was usability, UI & performance.

Here is whats new

One click update

One of the most difficult things in managing your community is upgrading the forum software which can sometimes turn out to be a nightmare with the smallest mistakes.

So, we have completely automated this task and the whole upgrade process is completed with a single click of the button.

100% Deferred

There you have it, the only forum out there that defers javascript completely. The required scripts are loaded only after the whole page is rendered.

As suggested by Google, Codoforum does server side rendering for loading the initial view of the page (above the fold content).
After the page is loaded, Codoforum then uses client side rendering for better performance.

Improved UI

We have done a lot of work on improving the UX for both desktop & mobile users.

Example. The topics layout

And then, we have the fixed sidebar for quick navigation

The devices having screens less than a certain width get a full-width layout for best readable experience.

We have made a couple of SEO improvements and lot of bug fixes.

Here is the complete list of changes:

  • One click update
  • server-side rendering for initial view HTML
  • Deferred loading of JS files
  • Added defer option to Asset Manager
  • Calculate reading time of topics
  • noindex, follow for users, tags page
  • Improved excerpt generator
  • Changed urls from forum/* to $1
  • Editor resize zIndex fixed
  • Decreased number of requests
  • Improved fonts for better reading by dividing into title, desc & numeric
  • Added Open Sans woff file for firefox, IE support
  • Added fallback for fonts & added all fonts to colors.less
  • User edit bug fixed
  • Fixed server errors due to changes in Apache 2.4
  • Created Icons of category & avatar images for optimized delivery
  • Disabled cron & notification requests for guests
  • Corrected tree structure of nested categories
  • Changed category routes from /topics/name to /category/name
  • Hierarchical breadcrumbs
  • Image with links markdown conflicts with oembed fixed
  • Major UI rewrite
  • SEO improvements
  • Mobile full-width layout
  • Handlebars templating server-side
  • Removed duplicate templates & methods & API
  • Nested sub-categories bug fixed
  • Responsive breadcrumbs using dropdown
  • Pagination bug fixed
  • Show display name instead of username
  • Topic title entities bug fixed
  • Create sqlite db if not exists
  • Followers are not removed when notification level is decreased
  • SQLite query compatibility
  • PHP warnings fixed
  • Fixed XSS issue with HTML in signatures
  • Made SQL_CALC_ROWS compatible with non-mysql drivers
  • Mail bug fixed

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