Codoforum v.2.4 released

Adesh D' Silva on the 15 Oct 2014 in update

Its a pleasure to announce the release of new version of our forum Codoforum V.2.4

Our primary focus for this release was bug fixes and SEO improvements.

Some of the new notable features in this version are:

Gmail like avatars

The default avatars now will no longer look monotonous and boring as codoforum now supports Gmail like avatars.

All your users will get a random color avatar based on the initial of their username.

SQLite support

Do you want to quickly test codoforum without installing & setting up a database ?
Or do you want to install a forum on a very low RAM server ?

It is now possible by installing Codoforum with SQLite.

SEO improvements

We have added canonical urls to every page of Codoforum.

Codoforum now supports Open Graph tags, Twitter cards & Schema markup.

All the pages now contain a meta description tag.

Autosave drafts

With Codoforum V.2.4, you don't have to worry about any of your posts getting lost on refresh or navigating between pages.

All your topic/post information gets automatically saved in your browser.

The autosave feature saves all the information into your local storage and no data is sent to the server unless you hit the post button.

Here is the list of all changes:

  • SQLite support
  • Notification level only for logged in
  • Topic user avatar not shown in subscriptions
  • OG and Schema meta added
  • Canonical rel added
  • Widget content bg css fixed
  • link rel and prev added for pagination
  • article:published_time, article:modified_time added to meta
  • 3rd topic creation in category bug fixed
  • Auto subscribe only on first reply to topic
  • Make <code> fixed height to prevent long codes to take unnecessary space
  • Notification user preferences fixed
  • Removed unnecessary css classes
  • Printable pages with @media print
  • Editor textarea fast load
  • Reply/new topic autosave drafts
  • Oembed img .jpg?x=y do not work since they do not end with ext [fixed]
  • Added oembed thumbnails
  • Improved oembed caching
  • Made sidebar statistics responsive
  • Generate first letter image from name for default profile pic
  • FB, Twitter, G+ login issues
  • Fixed width containers for HD screens
  • Tags layout issues fixed
  • Topic page route fixed
  • Prevent duplicate notification when multiple tabs are open
  • meta description added
  • Improved fonts
  • Profile view bug fixed

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