Codoforum v.2.3 released

Adesh D' Silva on the 28 Sep 2014 in update

Its been more than 20 days of continous development and its result is the long awaited
Codoforum V2.3

It includes one of the most important features that every active forum must have
subscriptions & notifications

There is a lot of improvement with many features added in V2.3, it predominantly includes the following features:

Improved user profile

We have now moved the 'New topic' button into the main menu for more prominence.

You can view all your unread notifications by clicking the bell icon.

Instead of only showing the username, we have decided to show the user avatar and have made it more accessible by including a dropdown.

Markdown table support

Want to show some tables in your posts, codoforum now beautifully styles all your tables.
Whats more ? Everything is formatted using easy to read markdown syntax.

Pop up notifications

When reading a very long topic, do you still want to keep in touch with what's happening in the forum without reloading the page ?
It's now made possible with in page pop up notifications.
Codoforum includes close to real time notification support which pops up as soon as something new happens .

And it doesn't end here, Codoforum now supports desktop notifications. You don't even have to be in the website anymore, the desktop notifications popup as soon as something new happens in the forum.


Ever wanted to include someone in your discussion ? Codoforum now makes it super easy with @mention support .

As soon as you start typing something after '@', you will see a dropdown with the user list that you can use to mention a particular user.

When you mention someone, they will instantly get an email notification as well as get an in page notification if they are online.


Want to skim over what happened since you last visited Codoforum ?
Just click on the bell icon and it will list all your unread notifications .


We have included an advanced subscription system in Codoforum V2.3 .

We want to thank @itlo and @luxlogica for contributing their ideas for the subscription system.

The subscription system offers four levels of subscriptions.

  • Level 0 => No notifications
  • Level 1 => Only mentions
  • Level 2 => new replies/topics
  • Level 3 => Above + email notifications

Codoforum also uses the power of defaults i.e whenever

  1. someone creates a new topic, that user will be automatically subscribed to level 3 for that topic
    and when
  2. someone replies to a topic, that user will be automatically subscribed to level 2 for that topic

Codoforum has category wide as well as topic level subscriptions.


So, you don't visit the forum often, but still want a gist of the interested things that happened in the forum ?
It is now possible with the daily and weekly digest .

This is not the end . We have also added 'preferences page', 'All notifcation page' & 'My subscriptions' page in the user profile and a lot of other improvements

Other changes:

  • topic on search bugs [duplicate edit, delete icons & 404 image] fixed
  • User class & import bugs
  • updated post_notify plugin -> mail_notify plugin V2.0 [optimized queries]
  • updated code highlighter in editor
  • Updated Bootstrap to V3.2
  • parse problem due to multiple code tags
  • Updated markdown parser
  • tags div empty bug fixed
  • fixed lags in mobile
  • menu link block
  • digest mail
  • @mentions
  • Allow SVG
  • optimum w & h for avatar
  • on load highlight bug after reply/edit
  • installation improved
  • user api - preferences
  • edit other's topic not reloaded fixed

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