Codoforum v.2.2 released

Adesh D' Silva on the 05 Sep 2014 in update

Today, we’re delighted to announce our new release of codoforum V2.2

Noticable changes

Enhanced BBCode

We have added BBCode parser support inside the Codoforum importer .
Now you can import posts from other forums that use BBCode for parsing .

forum bbcode new tags editor

New tags added in BBCode

  • strike
  • move
  • sup
  • sub
  • pre
  • center
  • left
  • right
  • list(ul & ol)

Embed support

Now, you can easily embed videos, images & more by directly copy/pasting the url in the editor textarea.

forum embed editor video image

Adding images is as simple as pasting its url . Youtube, vimeo (and many more) videos can be easily embedded.

It also supports iframes like embedding jsfiddle, jsbin, googlecalendar etc.

Embedding music has never been much easier , you can directly embed songs from soundcloud, bandcamp, etc.

Manage smileys

It is now possible to add/edit/delete smileys directly from the backend .
To manage smileys, go to backend -> UI elements -> Smileys

forum backend ui smileys add forum backend ui smileys edit view

Full list of changes

  • Rename head.php to header.php in install to fix usr/lib/php conflict
  • SSO token security fix
  • User class rewrite
  • On load last post bg color bug fixed
  • Enhanced bbcode
  • Oembed one boxing
  • BBCode parser added to importer
  • Image uploaded without text not added to character count
  • Topic title link should take you to last read post
  • Added interface and improved importer
  • Option to add smiley in backend
  • Added option to add inline css/js using Stream & Collection classes
  • CSS styles improvements
  • Made category images to full size

We hope you will try out our new version by downloading it from our homepage

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