Codoforum v.2.1 released

Adesh D' Silva on the 18 Aug 2014 in update

After 2 weeks of continuous development and testing , we are very pleased to announce the release of the new version of codoforum V.2.1

Our primary focus in this version was extensibility .
Codoforum now supports child themes and a very powerful block system .

A brief overview of the changes:

Revamped backend

codoforum backend dashboard

The theme interface :
codoforum backend theme

Block system

We have now divided codoforum plugins into two types, one of them is called blocks . codoforum backend blocks view

These blocks can be positioned anywhere on your forum similar to wordpress widgets .

codoforum backend blocks edit

You can also write custom html and include it in any part of your forum .

Each block can have customized permissions:

  1. which pages should the block be loaded
  2. which user roles can view this block .


Codoforum now supports tagging . You can add/remove tags while creating/editing a topic .

codoforum tags

Other changes:

  • child theme support
  • image resize for profile pics
  • lot of css improvements
  • framework changes
  • bugs fixed

You can download the latest version from our homepage

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