Codoforum v.2.0 released

Adesh D' Silva on the 29 Jul 2014 in update

We are very happy to announce the release of new version of Codoforum v.2.0

with this new forum, we have a new plugin called codoPM, which allows you to exchange messages and files privately.

Private Message Inbox Forum Message inbox

Compose a message

Messages as Conversation

you will also notice a new installer & the new "battleDark" theme

Apart from these, there are some important core changes:

  1. We have now switched to the Laravel's Eloquent ORM
  2. We use Laravel's Schema Builder Class
  3. Easier theme development
    1. LESS is compiled as soon as there are some changes
    2. CSS and Javascript is minified, aggregated and cached on the fly
  4. SQL triggers have been replaced with simple SQL queries.
  5. Show recent posts in user's profile page

Apart from above there have been many bug fixes and security enhancements .

We hope you will be able to improve user engagement within your forum with this new release.

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