Codoforum v.1.5 released

Adesh D' Silva on the 23 Jun 2014 in update

We are very happy to announce the release of new version of Codoforum v.1.5

Codoforum v.1.5 marks the beginning of our new plugin system and API

Here are the awesome features packed with this version:

Unread message tracking system

Codoforum now shows all new topics created , with a label marked as "new" . It also counts number of new replies made to a particular topic .

Codoforum also calculates number of new topics made in each category and displays the count in the category list.

codoforum unread message tracking

So now you can always keep track of all your unread posts and topics .

We have also added a button to instantly mark all topics or marks topics of a particular category as read . So you do not have to worry about any unnecessary clutter.

Codoforum importer

We have added a self importer that makes it easier to import data from all older versions of codoforum

Plugin backend & API

The codoforum plugins are now automatically listed in the backend.
You can edit plugin settings or enable/disable a plugin .

codoforum plugin backend

Plugins can now also have their settings page accessible from the backend using the new plugin API .

Installing plugins has now become a breeze, you just have to copy the plugin into the Codoforum plugins folder, and the plugin will be automatically installed and listed when you open the plugin section in the backend

Query performance

We have re-written all our core queries and optimized them to give a 5x increase in performance .
With the help of indexes and smartly designed table structure , codoforum now offers massive scalability that has been tested with over 100 million users , topics and posts .

Following changes have been made in v.1.5

  • Importer inconsistencies fixed
  • Queries optimized to give 5x performance
  • New topic button style improved
  • Unread message tracking system
  • Post notification message format fixed
  • Plugin list system added in backend
  • Implemented plugin admin api
  • Added self importer i.e import from codoforum
  • Added support for importing no. of posts, profile views and details of last post of every topic
  • Added permission check for writable files/folders
  • fixed recent post link to profile url

  • Apart from above there have been many bug fixes and security enhancements .

    We hope you will be able to expand your community with codoforum .

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