Codoforum V 1.4 released

Adesh D' Silva on the 13 Jun 2014 in update

After two weeks of continuous development, we are excited to announce the release of the new version of codoforum V1.4

Although, V1.3 was released in between these two weeks, it was mainly a bug-fix release with some performance improvements but did not include any new features .

Some of the notable feature in our new release:

User ban system

We have added an advanced banning system that allows you to ban any user by his/her username , email address or ip address .

You can also specify a ban length time for which that ban will be imposed on the user .

The ban system interface:
codoforum admin ban user

Virtual cron

All the periodic events like sending emails and maintenance tasks of codoforum are now handled by our new cron system .
Plugin developers can make use of the cron API to run scheduled events .

We have also added a cron interface in the backend:
codoforum admin cron

Import Kunena & SMF

We have added importers for Kunena 3 and SMF 2 .
Both of these importers can be accessed and used from the backend .

Important changes in V1.4

  • Recursive count for sub categories
  • Improved importer performance
  • Added importer for Kunena & SMF
  • Added unverified role for unverified users
  • Added option in backend to confirm users
  • Fixed bug while editing users
  • User ban by name/mail/ip
  • Cron system
  • Improved admin menu
  • admin login security fix

You can download the latest version of codoforum from our homepage .

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