Codoforum V 1.2 released

Avinash D' Silva on the 01 Jun 2014 in update

Today, after weeks of development and testing, we are proud to announce the release of the new version of codoforum V 1.2

After completing the basic features of a forum, we are now moving on to add some advanced features.

One of them is our new search feature .

Advanced Search

Basic search parameters

  • - To exculde a string from search
  • category To search in categories (comma separated)
  • sort
  • order

But the actual search string can have

  1. "-" i.e exclude operator
  2. AND to make sure two or more keywords exist together
  3. OR to make sure any of these keywords exist

for eg.

  • dog -cat will search for dog not including cat
  • dog OR cat -bat will search for posts containing dog or cat but will exclude bat
  • dog AND cat -rat will search for posts containing dog and cat in the same post but exclude rat

All other search parameters are provided as POST data for simplicity

By default , when two search terms are separated by a space i.e cat dog It is considered as AND .
So cat dog rat is equivalent to cat AND dog AND rat

For advanced options, you can have a look at the file codoforum/sys/Lib/Search/Search.php

codoforum search

SSO for Joomla and Drupal

The forum can now be integrated with the login/register system of Joomla or Drupal . If you are a Joomla user , you can contact us to know more about this feature .

JS and CSS Aggregation

The js and css files are now aggregated and caches to improve site load times The no. of requests to the servers have been reduces to 1/10th of our initial release.

Export drupal forum

If you are moving from the Drupal default forum, codoforum has an in-built import feature which can be directly used to import all your existing categories, topics, posts and users .

Following important changes have been made to codoforum

  • Advanced search
  • Dynamic titles change with page
  • Added notification error class
  • Added notification for user login error
  • Added notification for mail error
  • SSO for joomla
  • Added favicon[frontend and backend]
  • Increment profile views bug fixed
  • Make the editor responsive
  • Change password option added
  • Forgot password feature
  • Added meta generator
  • JS and CSS Aggregation

Apart from above, there has been many bug fixes and css improvements .

You can download the latest version of codoforum from our homepage.
For any support queries , please create a topic in our forum

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