Mission to build the most awesome forum

Avinash D' Silva on the 16 May 2014 in a few words

Hello everyone, we are on a mission, a mission to build the most awesome PHP based forum script.

There are hundreds if not thousands of forums already available, each of them having their own unique set of features.

we ourselves have used quite a few of them,

So, why build another forum? because we wanted,

  1. a forum which gives importance to the end user and his experience.
  2. a forum which will help build a community and enhance engagement.
  3. a forum which gives importance to content rather than structure and statistics.
  4. a forum with a clean, scalable and secure code base.
  5. a forum, built for developers, with an easy to extend plugin system.
  6. a forum which continuously evolves with the time, trend and technology.

as you can see, the first three points are purely for the end user which are missed by most existing forums.

we understand a forum is nothing without the contributors,

so the following points were taken into consideration when developing the plugin system,

  1. a plugin must be very very very easy to develop(docs comming soon).
  2. a plugin must be able to modify every aspect of the forum without modifying the core.

After nearly 6 months of development, developer and user surveys, we have released "codoforum", do check it out and please leave us some honest feedback.

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